Early Morning Thoughtfulness

Robin Williams (July 21, 1951-August 11, 2014)

4 Oscars and 1 Academy award later, he still sent millions of people laughing off their asses. He lived 63 years of inspiration and great acting/comedy work. He will truly, and without a shadow of a doubt, be missed.This is a heavy blow to take. I grew up always enjoying seeing this man perform in numerous movies. He was one of the favorite actors of my childhood, and still today. What will Hollywood do without him? Come crumbling down? Highly unlikely, however, I think there will be laments of his passing all across the country. #RIP May your wings take you to better places, Robin.


I am completely following you. I’m in the same sack. I just can’t seem to focus on anything and it’s making me very unhappy. Social media takes up a lot of my time as well, and I need to kick off some time I spend on it, as well as TV.


I feel exhausted and tired. It seems that all trouble come when you decide to do everything at once. I need to focus and to manage my time effectively. During the coming few weeks, I am going to do the following:

1. Make a daily schedule that actually helps me move further in my studies rather than just having a lousy schedule.

2. Avoid procrastination. I can not cut TV and social media all the way but at least I can spend some time on them, not the whole time.

3. Read as much as I could in my free time rather than just watching TV

4. Focus focus focus…

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Just, you know, a Goodbye


Isn’t that an awful thing to say to anyone? Especially toward the one still attached to the person echoing these words. What kind of horrible emotion would stem such an outburst of rejection. Are you man or woman enough to pronounce this loathing sentence? Or are you vile enough to utter it’s syllables?

Are you heartless for feeling this way? Are you a monster for thinking such thoughts? I want to scream. I want to cry. I’m thinking this thought. Young love vanishes away like the night sky once dawn has broken. You will never forget it. Will you ever regret it? Highly doubtful. The first love is the root of your very being. It is the knot that ties your soul here to the ground.

On a brighter note. . . 

There isn’t one. Except that I’ll learn soon what I really want and what I’m willing to do to get it.

late night snack or first breakfast?

If I had my keyboard on me I’d tell you everything that is on my mind right now. But I don’t. And I have to degrade to ‘texting’ this blog into existence. Talk about a pain in the thumb!
This is roast beef in the pic. And my charming face, we mustn’t forget. *_* It was cooked until it was tender and worthy enough to bring itself into my palate. Mother loves me today because she made me food!
I don’t feel like talking about complexities on why I feel like scarfing down food before I go to bed anymore. Sleep is hovering.
Sweet dreams

In a Hurry

At the current moment, I have 10 minutes tops to spare before going back to work. Work on a Friday? I know. Come on, this is the day to be living it up, right? Unfortunately, not so for me. Today marks crunch time for ACT. It is in the morning at 8 o’clock. May God’s good fortune rain on me because I have been quite unlucky when it comes to test taking in general. Not to mention, the last two times I’ve taken it I have gotten a redundant score. When I got scores back for last test date, I was at least hoping for a point higher. Quite to the contrary, I was disappointed. 

What I really want to be doing at this current moment instead of dilly-dallying myself back to the workplace is to get some rubber boots, so that I don’t ruin these darling Converses, and cash my pay-check, the reason is obvious. Want to know what I can smell right now? Dog. I smell dog because I’ve been cleaning up after them and just finished giving a bath before I left for lunch. Yes. I smell dog coming from me. Gross, right?

Talk about hungry. Mrs. Stephanie and I were starved, so she made us some popcorn, which did fulfill it’s purpose in holding me over until wonderful lunchtime was within reach. I was forced to eat somebody else’s brownie. Mrs. Stephanie was given permission to have her share of it since the owner of this delightful treat wouldn’t be here today. Would you like to guess who partook the last morsel of it? You know the answer. Yes, it was me. How could I resist? Tell me now that YOU wouldn’t have done the same. I think not. I also had a pinch of a cookie cake that someone left over night. Come on, don’t tell me that I ate some food that had gone bad. Do I act like a person who would simply eat anything to succumb her growling stomach? Perhaps, but no BAD food. No, it was perfectly edible, but intolerably sweet. You can’t have everything you wish for, I suppose.

I’ve got to dash! God willing I won’t be late.